Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Household CSA Week 2 - June 28, 2017

A splendid variety of veggies last week, here's a quick run down of the contents and a classic recipe for the kohlrabi.

Recipe (from Elaine Keating)
1. Put the kohlrabi in the fridge.
2. Once chilled, peel.
3. Once peeled, chop into whatever shape pleases you. Key is optimizing surface area to volume ratio for what comes next.
4. Place in bowl.
5. Juice a lime onto chopped kohlrabi.
6. Add salt, to your liking.
7. Mix.
8. Pour a pilsner into a glass, perhaps from Luppolo or Four Winds.
9. Pair.
10. Come to terms with the impermanence of bliss as part of the human condition and scheme ways to increase your future intake of kohlrabi. For example, if another CSA member says, "what's this vegetable?" in reference to kohlrabi,  you respond: "It's gross. I'll take it home because I'm very considerate." Alternatively, you can grow a bunch (it loves our Vancouver climate, spring and fall in particular) and begin to proselytize everyone within your sphere of influence about the kingdom of kohlrabi.

Lovelock Lettuce!

Red Russian Kale!
Garlic scapes! Also fleeting...
Tokyo Cross Turnips! 

 Le Petit Dejeuner Radishes


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