Sunday, 15 September 2013

September 8th & 15th Harvests

2-in-1. September hits like a 2x4! The confluence of school and farms, neither one respects the other's schedule.

Here's a mix bag of pics from the past 2 harvests. For those who crave more frequent updates, Cam is still posting on Instagram quite regularly...and he has an eye for veggies.

September 8th
Casual Peter

Cam and Gran, his veggie mentor
So photogenic
Morning harvest crew on East 38th
Meet Carl.
September 15th Product Shots

Today's items, with neighbourhood-style accuracy
Mixed Heirlooms. Quick tip: place green toms in a paper bag with an apple and leave on the counter. They'll ripen quickly!

Flat Leaf, the chef's choice of parsley
A handful of each, Dragon Tongue and Carson
Staple. Stunning.
Tom punches above its weight class
This variety of garlic supports LGBT rights and is ashamed of Rossiya-Matushka

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