Sunday, 18 August 2013

August 18th CSA Harvest & Pick-Up

Some nice shots by Cam in the gardens and at the pick-up site today. One thing you might have noticed in our postings is the many one-of-a-kind articles of ICF swag. We make them all by hand. If you want one, bring a t-shirt/work-shirt/dress shirt to the Marche St George on a Sunday and we'll hook you up.

4 years old, still crisp!

In the CSA:
- Carrots, Little Fingers
- Swiss Chard, Bright Lights
- Collards, Champion
- Garlic, Russian Red
- Summer Squash, Patty Pan or Butterstick or Ambassador
- Bay leaves, fresh
- Potatoes, Yukon Gold

Product Shots
Bay Leaves 
(Note: fresh bay leaves are more potent than dried, and a little more floral too)
Sweet, sweet carrots
Carrot Top Pesto

1 cup basil leaves

cup (20 grams) lightly packed carrot leaves (stems removed)

Tbsp. (90 milliliters) extra-virgin olive oil

large garlic clove

tsp. salt

Tbsp. walnuts, toasted 

cup (30 grams) freshly grated Parmesan cheese

  1. In a food processor, combine the basil, carrot leaves, oil, garlic, and salt, and process until finely minced. Add the nuts and pulse until finely chopped. Add the Parmesan and pulse just until combined. Taste and adjust the seasoning. Use immediately, or cover and refrigerate up to 2 days.
Yukon Gold
Hardneck All-stars: Russian Red
A switch of bay
Best bee pic yet!

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