Monday, 25 March 2013

UBC Orchard Garden Spring Formal

If you are looking to start the long-weekend right, hit up the Orchard Garden's 'Pretty in Plaid" Spring Formal. You can find all the details at their Eventbrite site.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Early or Late Harvest

Depending on how you want to qualify the harvest, these are some late winter or early spring veggies. A welcome pay-off for some work on the vernal equinox.
Chilly weeding
Drill's keen eye and steady hand at work in the spinach
Tokyo Cross Turnips, already vying for top spot in this season's Root Crop category

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Spring Training

A productive morning under the sun. It's nice to get some soil on the hands and catch up with our land-donors and neighbours. Here are some snapshots of our progress.

Blue bells and buttercup
Next step: digging new beds
A pound or so of overwintered Chieftans, hiding out since last season
Time to clean up the kale forest and rudbeckia
Thinned and weeded, ready for this year's seeds and starts

Friday, 8 March 2013

Ken Tsui's Pop-Up Dinners

One of the benefits of growing veggies in the city is being on speed dial with amazing chefs. Ken Tsui, formerly of Eat Together, called us up last week to see if we had anything appetizing overwintering in our gardens. He does private meals for small groups and comes up with some of the most appetizing and creative menus I've heard of. We managed to supply him with some lacinato kale, tokyo cross turnips, collard greens, sunckokes and arugula.

This meal was put together by Ken and two other chefs, a brother-sister duo, Tarek & Karima Chellouf. Here's a glimpse of their skill:

A handmade ramen salad with miso deviled eggs, toasted lacinato kale chips and dust, pressed turnip and wild foraged greens.

Soy-glazed, smoked cod with sunchokes, carrot noodles, and clams in a dashi broth - radish sprouts, chickweed, and tatsoi to garnish.

The dessert was an apple tarte tatin with five-spice crust and ginger honey-lemon drizzle. Also topped with coconut whip.

If you are interested in having Ken come bless your space, he can be reached at ken.yk.tsui(at)

Monday, 4 March 2013

ICF Internship 2013

2013 Internships
*Note: 2013 Internship Closed 03/15/2013 -  thanks for all the excellent applications* 

Inner City Farms Inc is seeking applicants for urban farming internships. Interns will learn to farm and manage a network of small vegetable plots built primarily in residential spaces throughout Vancouver.

  • Minimum of one 8hr work shift from Monday to Friday and a 4-8hr shift every other Sunday morning.
  • Weekday shifts will be spent alongside our head farmer
  • Sundays will be based around our CSA harvest

This is a volunteer position at this time. There will be occasional workdays as of early April, full hours will start early May. The season will last through October.

If interested, please send the following to
  • Resume 
  • A paragraph outlining your qualifications, interests and why an urban farming internship is something that you would like to take on.

Inner City Farms will contact prospective interns for in-person interviews via email.