Sunday, 16 September 2012

Harverst #11 - September 16th, 2012

Lots of good pictures and anecdotes from today's harvest. Beginning with golden mummies and plant idolatry and ending with this week's veggie profile shots.

First, a love story. A tale of shared pasts and future dependence. For ICF, a relationship that we wish to facilitate as best we can, and like all great matchmakers, we focus on setting the context for companionship and then getting out of the way.

So, what you see below are aphids on the back of a beet leaf.  Some are grey, some are yellow, and some are yellow with little holes in them. The grey ones are alive, likely harbouring a wasp larvae that is in the process of eating its way out of its host. If this is the case, the aphid will turn yellow as it dies and the larvae will spin-up a cocoon and emerge as an adult wasp (see exit holes in some yellow aphids), which will then deposit eggs in other aphids, continuing the cycle. Rumour has it, if 10% of your aphids are yellow, affectionately called Golden Mummies, your aphid problem isn't a problem, it's an opportunity to enjoy the company of tiny little parasitic wasps.

Next up, nominee for ICF plant of the year! This volunteer sunflower (it's just one plant, amazing!) is in Ron's front yard in Mount Pleasant. It's incredible. It's like a tree. It's like a sunflower patch on its own. Plants continue to blow our minds.
Waist high bush beans? 14ft sunflower? What's in Ron's soil?

Beautiful bouquets

Here's this week's set up at Le Marche:
Ready to go
A good mix of labour today
And the chalk board sign, courtesy of Rosy!

 And the close-ups:
Chesnok Red

Yellow Wax

Lemon Cukes

Mixed bag of Copia, Sungold and Cherry

Sierra Blanca

Red Ace


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