Thursday, 24 May 2012

East Van Garden Revival

It happens every so often that we receive a previously-cared-for garden. This particular one is on a rare, long and narrow lot in East Van. It has some nice sandy loam soil and a bit of a slope for good drainage. If the health of the buttercup is any indication (which it probably isn't), there should be lots of nutrients for our veggies. The previous gardeners left us a patch of sunchokes that we harvested for replanting and eating. The discerning-eye will be able to find them in the images below.

Here are some photos of today's fine weeding and hard work by Cam and Claire.
From the top: first weed one month ago
From below: re-growth
Are weeds cover crops?
From the top: after today's thorough weeding
From below: Beauty!

Ready to go!

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