Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A Visit From The Suzuki Diaries

Sarika Cullis-Suzuki dug in and helped us with one of our Inner City Farm harvests for a segment of CBC's The Nature of Things called Suzuki Diaries: Future City Inner City Farms.

Screenshot of cbc.ca/natureofthings
Will – photo by: Adam Blasberg
Camil – photo by: Adam Blasberg
"…they [the land owners] just not that interested in maintaining a lawn. They are interested in what we're doing and feel like they are participating in a movement." ~ Will Valley  
"Instead of putting gas into your lawn mower, dig in with your pitch fork and get Swiss Chard." ~ Camil Dumont
We always enjoy talking about our food, farms and urban agriculture. (Come visit us - we schedule bike tours of our farms so that our Community Supported Agriculture members can get to know their farmers and see how their food is grown. info@innercityfarms.com.)  

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