Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Week 14 - September 18, 2011

So just to remind everyone, there won't be a veggie box next Sunday (September 25).  But we will see you the following Sunday (October 2).  

Also, the next time we see you, it will be officially Autumn. 

So here's a haiku for you:  

Well Autumn is here
And the leaves fall like big pennies
While the sidewalk catches them

(don't tell anyone you read that here)

Here's what was in the box this week:

Bush Bean: Dragon Tongue (Phaseolus vulgaris
An old Dutch heritage variety that can be eaten fresh, or dried for use in winter soups and stews.

Bush Bean: Valentino (Phaseolus vulgaris)
This classic looking green bean is very low in fiber which makes them very tender when cooked. A perfect bean for fresh cooking, canning and pickling.

Bush Bean: Golden Child (Phaseolus vulgaris)
This striking yellow bean has a wonderful texture and flavour making it very versatile in the kitchen.

Turnip: Purple Top White Globe (Brassica rapa var. rapa)
These mild and sweet flavoured turnips are nearly round and smooth. They have a bright purple tops, and are a creamy white colour in the lower portion.

Onion: Redwing (Allium cepa)
Globe shaped purple onions that have a glossy skin and strong neck. Redwing onions are well suited for storage.

Onion: Candy (Allium cepa) 
These large, white, classic looking round onions have a mild yet sweet flavour.

Carrot: Scarlet Nantes (Dauscus carota) Heirloom
This variety has been grown and adapted to North American conditions for at least 50 years. It has strong tops and delicious flavour.

Summer Squash: Amatista Grey (Cucurbita pepo
These grayish green summer squashes are some of the first squashes to mature. Their zucchini like taste and texture make them versatile around the kitchen. 

Summer Squash: Sunburst (Cucurbita pepo
This vivid yellow summer squash has dazzling colour and a sweet flavour. Steam them whole for a tasty treat!

Summer Squash: Starship (Cucurbita pepo
This dark green paddy pan is our fastest growing variety. A shiny summer squash that keeps its distinctive shape and grows vigorously.

Cucumber: Picolino (Cucumis sativus
Another self pollinating cucumber that produces bountiful yields that are perfect for slicing and pickling.

Cucumber: Little Potato (Cucumis sativus
Heirloom Little potato has a texture of aged alabaster, the colour of pomme de terre, and a zesty lemon burpless flesh. We think this is the gourmet cucumber par excellence.

Cucumber: Lemon Cucumber (Cucumis sativus
This obscure looking heritage cucumber is small, round and lemon coloured. The flesh is sweet tasting and never bitter!

Cucumber: Richmond Green Apple (Cucumis sativus
Heirloom An Australian variety that is starting to impress gardeners worldwide. Rounded “apples” with crisp, white flesh that is incredibly juicy with a refreshing tang.  

Kale: Winterbor (Brassica oleracea var. acephala) 
This Scottish kale has vigorous growth and is extremely productive well into the fall months. It produces thick, very curly, ruffled, blue-green leaves.

Beet: Red Ace  (Beta vulgaris) 
This versatile beet has a wonderful texture and a sweet flavour. It contains up to 50% more red pigment than standard beets.

Beet: Touchstone Gold (Beta vulgaris) 
The stunning color of this beet will liven up any meal, and it’s sweet and delicious flavour will make eating vegetables fun again!

Pac Choi: Ching Chiang (Brassica rapa chinensis)
Also called Shanghai pac choi, this chinese vegetable has mild and tender medium green leaves on pale green, spoon shaped stalks.

Garlic: Music (Allium Ophioscorodon
Music was introduced to Canada from Italy in the 1980's by Al Music. A porcelain cultivar, it is hot and pungent when raw, starchy when baked.

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